July 17, 2010

We are going to be raising funds to get a service dog for Garrett. He is a 4 year-old who has severe food allergies. He needs the dog to open his opportunities and broaden his horizons. Right now he is not able to even attend church or school, go to parks, pools, or most any public venue. Having the service dog, that will be able to alert him to areas where the allergen may be, will keep him safe and well!

We are going to be having food, drinks, music, raffle, silent auction and much more fun! Talking hay rack rides and whatever else we can think of to have a great time!!

Garrett got a surprise visit @ his benefit. Oh did this make his day. :D Thank you sooo soo much.
Thank you for all who helped and made this day WONDERFUL. We had a great kick off to start our journey in getting Garrett his allergy service dog.

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Fundraiser @ Chili's - Sept 15-30th

In the process of putting together a Poker run.

Oh and we cant forget his BIRTHDAY on the 8th
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Chili's Fundraiser  - the month of Sept from 15th-30th

Still working on the poker run details

****Great news*****
He has out grown WHEAT.

More testing 17th - he didn't have due to a reaction. 24th - he tested positive for eggs and sesame seeds. Nov 5th - soy

September 25th - Spaghetti Dinner @ 1st Baptist Church of Marion (1260 29th Street, Marion)


Schwans fundraiser Oct 8th

Working on a Harvest Party.


Testing on the 5th (soy) and he tested negative.


No events due to him having whooping cough